Django and Mongo experiments

I have recently got excited with MongoDB. In in my work we are developing a EHR with patient facing apps. We started with a popular open source which is based on RDMS. We had to develop a lot of custom logic for doctor facing front end.

MongoDB is easy to start with. The schemaless documents means we can use it for quick prototyping and when things are not much stable. From the EMR perspective, storing medical documents in a document database makes much sense.

Though Django does not have inbuilt support for MongoDB, the community has really gone ahead and come with innovative ODM solutions like MongoEngine.

I will post more about my learnings in this blog,

First work day

Today is a special day. I started work after college on July 5, 1999. I really count this day as special. Life has shown any ups and downs. But I am very thankful for the start I got in my career.

Some highlights:

  • Our attitude is very important. Some times, because of failure we have a poor concept of ourselves and we really start selling us start
  • Think Big really works
  • Working with great manager instill good work habits
  • Work is not everything. There are other things in life
  • Just because we are success in work does not mean we are superior to others
  • Not every body can do great or bring their best to work. We have to understand the issues people face in life and empower them to work better
  • Relationships are very important
  • We definitely have to do some mistakes in our career
  • Having mentors helps

I am planning to write some thing about career also from now on.