Back to accelerated learning

It is time to go on a deep learning adventure. Currently I have decreased time from my current job and going to deep study on following topics:

  1. Requirements Management and Documentation
  2. OO Analysis and Design
  3. Patterns – GOF, Enterprise, Object patterns, Analysis Patterns, Data Patterns
  4. Database design
  5. UML
  6. Angular 6
  7. AWS cloud architecture
  8. Serverless and micoservices
  9. Enterprise architecture best practices

Will post more frequently on my learning adventures


Refactoring is a key activity in ongoing software maintenance. Though there are lot of documented literature and tools provided by IDE for refactoring, refactoring have to be done on case by case basis.

I am currently learning refactoring from the book refactoring. To improve my learning I am also refactoring source code of a previous project I worked and am improving it and making it in a maintainable state.

Will be adding more posts on my learning’s related to refactoring.