Which Browser to use

A light weight browser can greatly enhance the productivity and comfort of tech savvy internet users. The known browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox etc, all are resource hungry. IE is not available on Linux and hence users are mostly forced to use Chrome or Firefox.

Chrome is resource hungry and tends to perform poor as the number of opened tabs increases.

Firefox has improved a lot in recent times and has really become performant now a days. Quantum Firefox is a very good browser for use by developers.

Opera is also another good browser which is sleek, light weight and performant. I have been using opera in the recent times and am impressed with the UI and the performance of opera. It is going to be by default browser for grokking internet.


First work day

Today is a special day. I started work after college on July 5, 1999. I really count this day as special. Life has shown any ups and downs. But I am very thankful for the start I got in my career.

Some highlights:

  • Our attitude is very important. Some times, because of failure we have a poor concept of ourselves and we really start selling us start
  • Think Big really works
  • Working with great manager instill good work habits
  • Work is not everything. There are other things in life
  • Just because we are success in work does not mean we are superior to others
  • Not every body can do great or bring their best to work. We have to understand the issues people face in life and empower them to work better
  • Relationships are very important
  • We definitely have to do some mistakes in our career
  • Having mentors helps

I am planning to write some thing about career also from now on.


New Year 2016

The new year has started today. I hope this year brings in good things in life to the world in large.

I have put down the below as my resolutions for this new year. Let me see how much I can achieve them:

  1. Learn python for an hour daily
  2. Practice python for an hour daily
  3. Complete udemy courses
  4. Become good in databases
  5. Develop a great memory
  6. Develop Positive attitude
  7. Make my marriage richer
  8. Cut down on poor habits
  9. Blogging regularly on my learnings
  10. Learn arch concepts
  11. Master Design patterns
  12. Get deeper into web development
  13. Meditate daily
  14. Develop Speed reading
  15. Learn touch typing
  16. Exercise and bring health to good shape



First post on this blog

Hello World,

This is my first post on this blog. For a long time in my life I have had a lot of interesting thoughts but I have no been able to take action on them or share them with others. Now I have learned that sharing and thoughts, learnings and experiences with others is a great way to be happy and keep our mind young.

So I will writing about me learning about technology, lessons learned from my career and life, spirituality, book reviews and so on.

It is my hope that people who visit my blog find something useful for them and makes them happy.