Career Crisis in IT Technology Industry

Why is keeping up to date with fast moving technology so hard?

Most of us from offshore Indian companies work in low end maintenance projects. The Techology we work is old, the work routine and some mission critical systems require a lot of attention for support. Over a period of time when we see the new technologies we feel as if we are from stone age.

Here are few challenges I seen in my career:

  • When we are young we master simple things quickly. We have a lot of energy and are gumtption. We feel as if we know all. But in reality we are only seeing tip of the iceberg
  • As we get older we fall into the other issues politics, slowing career growth, personal and professional setbacks etc. We start feeling things are not greener as we thought
  • We stop learning once we reach a comfort level and then with what we know we don on the role of experts. How ever we have always been standing on top of leaky abstractions
  • We lose touch with programming and our mental skills start slowing down
  • It looks like we have to start learning right from the basics as we have lost many cycles of technology updates
  • When we see other people growing faster than is and young people just mastering a new technology faster we feel lost and let down. “Why me”, “Am I valuable” feelings start to rule our mind
  • Not having strong support network or emotional balance we have breakdown or fall into addictions which lead us farther down the pit
  • We start thinking whether we should make a career change. But what are we to do? What kind of skills we need? How do we make the job change etc etc are issues which grapple us
  • Can we make the same high salary we made previous. If the current job is dead end and makes us sick and we dont feel like working how do we meet our financial committments

The above are some of issues which I feel confronts us at some point in our life.

I have to some extent solved the above issues I have faced in my life. I will be blogging about these so that others can take recouse from what I have done.