Installing from Local NuGet Respository

A timesaver in using NuGet packages is using the local NuGet cache to install packages to Visual Studio Projects after the package is downloaded first time from

Everytime we download a NuGet package, it is stored locally in C::\Users[username]\AppData\Local\NuGet\Cache.

Scott Hanselmann has a great post on using this technique to install NuGet packages from local cache once the package is downloaded first time from visual studio.

In you case want to create a local repository which you can access from multiple PC’s, you can create a local directory and configure it is a source package in Visual studio. In this you can access all your local repositories from a central location. More about this can be found at

These are great time savers in adding NuGet packages repetedly to project in visual studio. In case you have slow internet connection, this is a godsend.