Learning Entity Framework

ORM is becoming used increasingly in projects as we want to get rid of SQL development which needs database skills and reliance in DBAs who are already over loaded. Microsoft’s Enity Framework has become a matured product and is the data access methodology suggested by Microsoft.

However Entity Framework has a huge learning curve and there are not much information available on using it. Julie Lerman has some good books and video courses in Pluralsight.

I have not had much success in my attempts for learn Entity Framework partly because I could not put it to use in a real time project.

Now I am tyring to see how to use Entity Framework in some OS projects.

The following are some courses in Pluralsight which are related to Entity Framework and which I plan to go through. I will also write some blog posts on my learning experience.

  1. Entity Framework 4.0 By Example
  2. Entity Framework and Data Models
  3. Designer Supported EDM Customization
  4. Querying the Entity Framework
  5. Entity Framework 4.1 – Code First
  6. Entity Framework 4.1 – DbContext Data Access
  7. Entity Framework Code First Migrations
  8. Data Layer Validation with Entity Framework 4.1+
  9. Entity Framework in the Enterprise
  10. Getting Started with Entity Framework 5
  11. Entity Framework 6: Ninja Edition – What’s New in EF6

You can browse through the courses using following link in Pluralsight